Private Yoga

1-1 or Small Group Tuition

£30 per person for 75 minutes in person.

£25 per person for 60 minutes online via zoom.

One other person in your household can join in for free.

Dan offers private yoga sessions in Sheffield!

Dan will guide you to find an intelligent sequence (Vinyasa Krama) that lets you get the most out of your Yoga Practice!

Dan will ask you for your personal goals so you can work towards what is meaningful to you.


Loved it!

Dan gave clear direction and was careful to make sure I was completing each move correctly- very reassuring for a yoga novice!

I was made to feel comfortable and confident.
I’m really looking forward to seeing how far I can develop.

Lindsey, Manager of The Hay Barn Cafe



Photographic Resources

If you wish Dan can take photos during your lesson to provide you with a visual resource for remembering your sequence and alignment.

£5 extra for a basic photographic resource of the postures laid out in a PDF document similar to the image above.

£10 - £20 extra for an annotated photographic resource for your sequence. Including key points and instructions to work safely and effectively from were you are at as an individual.

The exact price is agreed upon after your lesson.


Further Information

Safety first!
Dan adheres to current Government Covid Safety Guidelines 
If you have any questions regarding Covid safety during your lesson please ask Dan directly.

Dan believes yoga should be available to everyone therefore if you are in genuine financial hardship please contact Dan and discounted prices can be offered.

If you are pregnant Dan can offer meditation and gentle pranayama classes.

If you are looking for pregnancy yoga Dan recommends Yoga at the Reach.

Before your first class Dan will ask you to complete either a Zoom or In-Person medical disclaimer/ consent form.

Links below.


Before Class Guidance

If you or anyone in your household displays any signs or symptons of Covid, or you believe you may have been in contact with someone with Covid, ensure you self-isolate per government guidance.
Do not come to class and let Dan know as soon as possible.

  • Please wear appropriate non-restrictive clothing and have a warm layer with you.

  • If possible practise bare foot on your own mat.

  • Mats and props are not currently provided. 

  • Please avoid any heavy foods for at least 2 hours before the session.

  • Be cautious of drinking too much beforehand, especially caffeinated drinks.

  • Food and drink can interfere with the effectiveness and ease of the yoga practices.