Mobility Coaching For Climbers

Dan's mission is to help you climb longer, harder and recover quicker!

Dan works with you to develop your body awareness, composure, strength and flexibility.

Taking into account your individual abilities, body type and lifestyle

to help you reach your climbing goals!

18 Years of Climbing.

Ascents of 8B+ Redpoint and 8A Boulders.

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Give longevity to your climbing!


Mobility Plans

Enhance your climbing training plan with bespoke mobility exercises.

Dan guarantees you will come away with a comprehensive understanding of how your key exercises will enhance your climbing performance.

In person options are available within Sheffield.

Climbing Mobility Plans | Yoga Tailored To You


Mobility Booster Package

75 minute in person mobility and postural assessment,

consultation and goal setting.

Photographic PDF mobility plan unique to you.



Mobility Pro Package

A  2 hour in person mobility and postural assessment. 

Expect to come away with an extensive understanding of your movement patterns and how these can be adapted to improve your climbing.

Photographic PDF mobility plan unique to you.



Coaching Discounts

15% discounts on your first plan are available for climbers coached by:

Alex Hithersay 

Steve McClure

Apex Climbing Coaching

New Age Climbing

Climbing Mobility Plans | Yoga Tailored To You


I always learn something new from sessions with Dan, he's got a great understanding of the mechanics of human body and can always recommend variations that suit you or how to target a particular weakness.

New Age Climbing Coaching Resources

You can also find Dan working as a mobility coach within New Age Climbing. There are a series of free climbing and mobility training resources available, alongside premium content.